Yes! The accommodations have to qualify a series of rigorous quality and safety tests to provide you

Yes, all pets must be properly vaccinated before we accommodate them to ensure their wellbeing in your absence!

Yes, you can provide your pet’s exact diet to the accommodator according to your pet’s needs

The accommodators provide the luxuries of home, including excellent dog bedding and bowls, as a full-service pet shelter. Please do not bring in bowls, however; you can bring in your bedding at your risk

The Earlier the notice the better! But we are confident at Petscape that you will be able to find accommodation even in emergency conditions where you only have a day or a few hours to find some safe place to leave your pet

Don't worry! Via PetScape, we are sure you can find accommodators willing to take care of your pets just as much as you do

Unfortunately No! But Petscape does provide you with Accommodators who would be happy to pick your pets from your home and drop them off! All you need to do to find them is use our website!

A daily update is included in vacation sits if desired. The update can be via email or text or whatsapp. In addition, the accommodator is available to you by cell phone should you have any questions or concerns.

Simple! You can apply to be an accommodator on our website. PetScape allows you to welcome pets after quality checks of your accommodation and your credentials for handling pets